Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Fantasy Jewelry Box Review

Are you looking for the perfect jewelry to go with your outfit for a Holiday dinner, or maybe even for New Years? I was, but now that I was sent the Karolanna's Butterfly Applique Black Fabric Necklace & Earrings Set to review I have one less accessory to worry about! This necklace goes along perfectly with low collared tops or dresses, and is gorgeous enough for the fanciest of dinners.

The choker style necklace does have a ring which is meant to be used as the clasp, but there is a bit of chain that fastens the ring to the fabric piece and I found I could wear the necklace closer to my neck by fastening it further down the chain.

The matching earrings are just as lovely, although one of mine was reversed and I had to fix it with a pair of pliers. If I had worn it as it came, the gem would have only been visible from the back of my head. The fabric on both the necklace & earrings is fairly delicate, so I didn't give it the toddler test by letting my daughter pull on it. I think the set should last for a long time as long as I can keep her away from it!

I also wanted to show off the Aralynn's Dainty Opal Sterling Silver Ring that I got myself for my birthday which was back in October. I had my eye on this ring ever since my first time looking around Fantasy Jewelry Box so my Birthday was the perfect time since Opal is Octobers Birthstone. I measured my finger using both a plastic ring sizer and the measurements provided on their site and found out that I would need a size 8.5. Since they do not offer half sizes, I ordered a size up and it turned out that size 9 was too big so be careful in choosing your size if your measurements are in between.

Fantasy Jewelry Box is the first place I look when I'm itching for a new piece of jewelry, and it's the first place I recommend when someone asks me where to find the best, inexpensive jewelry too! They specialize in Celebrity Inspired Jewelry, but also carry Faux Wedding Sets and even jewelry for Men!