Friday, June 4, 2010


Our neighbors just moved, and they left a bunch of stuff in the back lane. Why do people think it is Ok to leave all their old furniture out in the lane like that ? They didn't put it in the bin, or even next to the bin -they left it right behind my garage, so it looks like it is MY garbage so I will probably get the bill from the city when they come and take it away....

There was even more, but the neighbor from the other side of me was nice enough to go out there with a big hammer so he could break somethings apart and throw them into the much as I wanted to offer to help him I think I probably would have just got in the way so I stayed in the house.

The neighbor that broke the furniture apart is an awesome neighbor. They are an older couple, and we don't talk much but they have given me a few toys that their grandchildren have grown out of, and he even cut my grass the other day without me even asking him to! He cut my grass once last year too, and there is a metal pipe in the back right near the wall of the house...Well his mower hit that pipe and it bent the blade. I felt badly, but there really wasn't anything I could do to offer to replace it.

I heard from the ones that moved, that the landlord that owns that house is a terrible landlord. Charged more rent than what was advertised, and never came to fix anything. I am lucky my landlord is excellent about fixing stuff and very reasonable rent. I will be moving myself sometime in the next year and hope my new landlord is as good as the one I have now! Also have my fingers crossed that the new tenants aren't super loud or messy, and that I like my new neighbors when I move!


Anonymous said...

My neighbors are skanks! I feel your pain! LOL The girl is 8 months pregnant and chain smokes, the guy doesn't works and does drugs and they have so much trash in their backyard but their trash cans are in the front yard...thank god our house is up for sale! LOL

Unknown said...

I would love to live in the country with no near by neighbors. The one across the back from me is terrible too but that is a whole other story!