Tuesday, October 12, 2010

{Halloween Birthday Bash} Penguins of Madagascar: I Was a Penguin Zombie

Starring the perennially popular Penguins from DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc’s (Nasdaq: DWA) phenomenally successful MADAGASCAR franchise, this new collection of adventures includes eight eerie escapades from Nickelodeon’s Emmy and Annie Award-winning* series. The DVD also includes a never-before-seen mission entitled “Driven to the Brink”, which will be exclusive to the DVD for four weeks. Follow Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico as they come face to face with zombies, robots, spooky noises and a whole lot of frightening fun in this delightful DVD with more than an hour of entertainment.
I didn't tell my kids that I was expecting this one in the mail, and when they saw me open the package they went crazy! They loved the last Penguins of Madagascar DVD that we were able to review and this one wasn't any different - in fact they loved this one even more. Their favorite episode was the very first one on the disc, and the one which the DVD is named after; I Was a Penguin Zombie. This could be due to the fact that they also enjoy regular Zombie movies! Not just for Halloween, this will be one that will entertain them all year round.

I Was A Penguin Zombie just came out on DVD on October 5th and includes eight spooky episodes:
~I Was a Penguin Zombie
After a woozy Skipper returns from the vet, the Penguins believe he has turned into a Zombie.
~Driven to the Brink *DVD Premiere*
When Rico crashes the Penguins' car and rebuilds it himself, it becomes possessed.
~Haunted Habitat
After Marlene is frightened by a spooky noise, she and Skipper travel down to the sewer to investigate.
~Lemur See, Lemur Do
A robot is sent to the zoo to learn the habits of lemurs before it's sent into space.
During a solar eclipse, Phil and Mason convince the bossy King Julien that the sky spirits are angry at him.
~Mort Unbound
Mort is exposed to Kowalski's super-ray and he grows super-big and strong.
~Misfortune Cookie
When Rico gets a freaky fortune from his cookie, Julien sets out to make it come true.
~It's About Time
Kowalski threatens to tear the space/time continuum with the time machine he's built.


Aysha said...

another fun madagascar DVD!! Yay! I am glad this new one is as fun as the older ones

Unknown said...

Madagascar is a favorite of my 7 year old. This one looks good.

Things Sent My Way said...

This is a great franchise! My students LOVE this series and now there's a new one - they'll love it.

Katie said...

LOL....I want to see this - My FAVORITE kids show out there now!!