Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My review of the Max & Ruby Bunny Party!

First off, I need to apologize for the timing of my review. This was intended to be posted before the Max and Ruby Bunny Party tour had wrapped up, but it unfortunately didn't work out that way due to issues I have been having with my computer. I am happy to tell you that Max and Ruby will be touring Canada once again in March 2011 and you can sign up for Koba Entertainment's mailing list to receive show announcements, presale offers and ticket discounts. You can also download free Max and Ruby activity sheets and look forward to the Caillou Live Tour which kicks off on November 3rd.

My daughter was very excited to see Max and Ruby (She said, I KNOW those are people in costumes but I STILL think they are Max and Ruby!). Her excitement only grew in the days before the show, and the wait was well worth it! If one of the above tours is coming to your city, you should check it out!

The performance started off with our narrators singing the opening song to Max and Ruby, just like in the cartoon.

The moment the kids were all waiting for - Ruby! Max appeared shortly after, along with several of his noisy toys.

Ruby took Max on the bus to the store to find the perfect gift, but at the door they were distracted by a singing, dancing robot! The robots song was really quite funny, as was his dancing but he ran out of juice and Ruby had to put in another dollar to get him to dance again.

Once inside the store, all that Max could think about were the Vampire teeth but Ruby was trying to find something extra special. Ruby went off to try on some dresses and max got into some paint while he waited! She had her eye on the beautiful ballerina jewelry box, but the shop owner said it wasn't for sale as this was a very special ballerina - who came to life to show everyone just how special she was. They decided on a puzzle, and of course the vampire teeth!

Back at home, it was time for everyone to get a makeover before the party started. After the makeover everyone got to take a break for Intermission.

I thought the song that was performed right after the intermission was interesting - Where are the Parents?! Now, I'm one of those parents who never worried about where the parents were but I'm going to spill the beans for those of you who have asked this question. They are in the study paying bills, they are in the kitchen making dinner, they are on the porch enjoying the sun! Either way the parents are always close by, keeping their eye on Max and Ruby! (Maybe they are the ones that hold the camera too!) It's always nice to see that the producers have been listening.

It was then time to get everything ready for the party, including asking the audience to help with counting the chairs! Ruby discovered that they were short one chair but while she went to get another...Max invited a few guests of his own! Ruby tried to protest, but once she saw what great guests Max's friends would be she happily allowed them to stay.

The show ended with a big surprise for one little girl - She was the special guest! The costumes and entire performance were superb. There were several parts where they asked the audience to stand up and join in by moving around and the kids all had so much fun.

Despite getting restless and running around after the show, my daughter loved it! She typically runs around everywhere we go, so I hadn't taken her to any type of live show before so she had a really good time.

I took many more photos and put them all into a slideshow, I hope you will take a peek and let me know what you think!


Unknown said...

We love Max and Ruby. The pictures are awesome and how exciting for that little girl. Looks like a great time!

Things Sent My Way said...

That show definitely looks like something special! I'm going ask my students about these two. Very cute and glad you had a good time.

Katie said...

How cute! I love Max and Ruby...my daughter still does, but my son has grown out of it. That is awesome that you had the opportunity to go!