Sunday, January 9, 2011

ChicoBag Holiday Bag Review

I received a 2010 Holiday Bag from ChicoBag a little too late to be included in my Holiday Gift Guide, but unfortunately with Canadian shipping things like that happen now and then. The idea that ChicoBag had with their limited edition Holiday Bag was that it could be used for gift wrapping. I thought that was an excellent idea!

The 2010 Holiday Bag is made of durable woven polyester which allows for easy opening and stuffing. Some bags can be difficult to fold back into the small size they were when purchased, but ChicoBags do not require any special folding. You can literally stuff them in any way you like and toss them into your purse or anywhere else you would like to have them handy. The Holiday Bag that I received measures approximately 19" x 15.5" or 3.5" x 5" when folded (stuffed). The larger size is great for fitting a lot of stuff and this bag has a capacity of 40 pounds! Now I didn't try to carry 40 pounds around in it, but the kids were happy that their board games fit inside when they went for a sleepover since most of the bags we have are not long enough for the large board game boxes.

You can check out this video on how to wrap your gifts with a reusable shopping bag:

While the 2010 Holidays may have passed, there are plenty of other reasons to use reusable bags throughout the year and there are plenty of reasons to use them for gifts too! Take a look at their newest limited edition bags for Valentines Day. It looks like these ones won't be available until January 20th, but they sure are cute!

The Valentines Day bags are a little smaller than the Holiday Bag, but they still have a good size to them at 18"x14.5" and a capacity of 25 pounds.

Which ChicoBag is your favorite?


Amy Brown said...

The new valentine's day designs are really cute!