Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Review - Hasbro Games

Whether it be board games or video games, games are one of the other things that have always had a special place in my house for the Holidays and any time of year. Hasbro sent me a couple of their new games which were released this fall and as usual, they both look like great games!


Show your skill and show your style with CUPONK - a new trick shot game where players are rewarded for making the wackiest trick shots possible. Choose the CUPONK cup that best represents your personality and start sinking obscure shots from off the rim, wall, or even kitchen table to show off for your friends and earn bragging rights for weeks. Everyone will know that you landed the plastic ball in the cup when it lights up and lets out sounds. Master the basic shots? Try to perfect the trick shots included in the game box - from the Rick O'Shea to Blind Hook - and turn your home into a playing field to become the CUPONK master.

Choose from three graphically themed CUPONK cups each with unique lights, sounds, accessories, and plastic balls that match the design of the cup to define your style: Gorillanator, El Campeon, Let It R.I.P.

Players: 1 or more
Ages: 9 and up
Approx price: $14.99

I got the El Campeon style as shown above and am planning to put it under the tree for my oldest son. I really like the look of the Let It R.I.P. version which has zombies on the cup, so I may pick that one up for myself if we like this one as I think it looks like it would make a challenging game for adults as well!

Girl Talk

Girls just want to have fun, and Hasbro's new collection of GIRL TALK games will help girlfriends do just that. The new line of GIRL TALK games for tweens and teens includes Dare Confetti, Sparkle Spots, and Sassy Sticks, each a unique game that gets girls talking, bonding and laughing over the things that make each of them special.

“Knowing how much girls love spending quality time together was one of the reasons for creating these games,” said Phillip Jackson, Group Executive of Games at Hasbro. “While developing the new GIRL TALK games, we consulted with more than 400 young girls to ensure that we were creating games that would really be appealing for them to do while spending time together. We’re excited with the result and hope girls will enjoy talking and laughing while playing these new games.”

Players: 2 or more
Ages: 8 and up
Approx price: $12.99

I received Sassy Sticks as shown above, but I don't think my daughter is old enough to enjoy this game yet so I will either save it for a future gift or give it to my niece. It does look like it would be a fun little game for slumber parties or birthday parties for older girls though.


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