Monday, November 15, 2010

Never forget your password again!

If you are like me, you likely have many accounts on many different webpages. How many times have you forgotten a password or log in info? I know I have done it many times, I am especially bad for it when a site requires me to use a password containing numbers or a combination of capital and lowercase letters.

Master Lock has come up with a way to make sure we never forget those passwords again with Master Lock Vault. I don't have a smartphone (or any phone) to use with Master Lock Vault, but I have been adding my information to the site for the last couple of weeks so I could check it out. The site and app are completely free and extremely easy to use.

I hope some of you will check out the website and press release below!

Master Lock Vault Allows Users to Access Any Password, Anytime, Anywhere
and Reduces Risk of Identity Theft
MILWAUKEE, October 5, 2010 – From PIN codes and key codes, to passwords and lock combinations, most people are on password overload. Over time, these passwords and codes have evolved from simple 4-digit PIN numbers to complex combinations requiring letters, numbers and symbols. People are forced to choose between ones that are easy to hack or easy to forget. Thanks to the new Master Lock Vault, consumers can now store and retrieve all of their confidential access information in one free, safe and convenient location; no matter how complicated a combination may be, it will never be lost or forgotten again.

With the Master Lock Vault, consumers only need to remember one unique password and username that they create on In addition, smart phone users will find a mobile version available at the same address. Those with Apple devices such as the iPhone™, iPad™ or iTouch™ can download the free Master Lock Vault app from the App Store for instant access to stored information anytime, anywhere. Users simply set up an account, then can review, add, change and delete stored information quickly, easily and safely from any computer or smart phone.

“We are becoming a more security-conscious society surrounded by passwords, and it’s not easy to remember them all, much less store them safely,” said Rebecca Smith, vice president, marketing for Master Lock. “As a leader in off-line security solutions, it’s only natural that we take our expertise online and provide consumers with the safest method to store and retrieve passwords and combinations in a secure environment from a brand they trust.”

The Master Lock Vault provides the highest level of website security available today – a 256bit encrypted connection – for safe storage of users’ security sensitive information. As a result, the Master Lock Vault is safer than storing information offline where it could be discovered, leaving you at risk for identity theft. A green bar and padlock symbol in users’ browsers alerts them to the fact that they’re on the secure site. Information stored in the Master Lock Vault cannot be accessed by Master Lock, and Master Lock does not share users’ information with anyone, ever.

For additional protection with safeguarding your information, Master Lock encourages you to:
o Never use the same password for multiple accounts
o Never write down your password in a public place, such as in a Rolodex or on a sticky note on your computer monitor
o Never create passwords that are easy to crack, such as
o Default passwords (guest, admin)
o Dictionary words (rabbit, Packers)
o Words with numbers appended (password1)
o Words with simple obfuscation (p@ssw0rd)
o Double words (fishfish)
o Common keyboard sequences (qwerty)
o Common numeric sequences (911)
o Identifiers (555-1234, 01/12/1965)
o Anything personally related to you (license plate number, birthday)
To begin using the Master Lock Vault and to download the app, visit .


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