Sunday, November 14, 2010

Announcement: New Giveaway Entry and Note about CSN Stores Giveaway

Since I have had a few people ask me about this, I have decided to add following me on twitter as an entry to my giveaways. I have two Twitter accounts and as an explanation as to why I hadn't given this as an entry before, well I want people to want to follow me, not just because it is an entry. Not only that, each account has a different reason which might deter people from wanting to follow. Some of you already follow, but for those of you that don't please read the details below before deciding to follow.

Like I said, I have two accounts:

~I use this account for tweeting giveaways that I am entering, which is approx. 100 tweets a day. I also use it for tweeting my own reviews & giveaways as well as Sponsored Tweets.

~I use this account for chatting, tweeting out the posts on my adult blog as well as other adult related topics & giveaways.

If you follow me at one or both of these accounts, go ahead and take an entry for each one into any of my giveaways (even if it isn't listed on the giveaway as an entry)

My CSN Stores giveaway is ending tomorrow, but the day I posted it the entry for following me via Google Friend Connect was missing. If you have entered this giveaway and did not take that as an entry, don't forget to add it before the giveaway ends!

One more thing - I have just purchased domains and hosting for each of my blogs. I will be making another post soon to announce when my site will officially be moved over. My button code will need to be changed at this time and I am looking into the details to see if you guys will need to resubscribe to my feed. I am considering switching to Wordpress at the same time, but leaning towards sticking with blogger. More info to come!


Tracey said...

I follow Misfit Momma on twitter-traymona

Tracey said...

I follow Missy_wpg on twitter-traymona

Aleksandra Nearing said...

Good luck with the domain move! Hopefully it will go smoothly.

Thanks for stopping by my blog...your comment about your husband making scary faces made me giggle. Happy Monday!