Thursday, April 22, 2010

Whats the deal with PO Boxes ?

I see a lot of giveaways that say at the end no PO boxes.

What if that is your only mailing address ? It looks like I might be moving to a small town sometime in the next year , and they don't have door-door mail.

I suppose I would just send everything that needs an actual address to my moms , but that still isn't a perfect solution.

Why is the no PO box rule in place ?
Can't I just get a big PO box that can hold packages ?


Kestlyn said...

Most sellers/blog owners in the USA use paypal (via USPS or UPS) for their shipping. Paypal doesn't accept PO boxes as a confirmed address. You can send packages to them of course, but since the PO Box is not a "confirmed addresses" the seller is not protected by Paypal in disputes. Usually it's not a big issue, but every so often there is a package lost/damaged/or stolen and the seller ends up in a big mess because they weren't protected, so many avoid the issue all together by only shipping to confirmed addresses (ie. street addresses). HTH :)

Unknown said...

hmmm Now I understand. Thanks ! Another nice thing is I will be closer to the border so might go get a US PO box so I can get packages faster too !