Friday, April 23, 2010

I missed a package !

First time in a long time I have got a card saying I missed a package !

Pretty sure I was actually home , must not have heard the knock. Good thing I was planning to go to the PO to send a package this weekend anyway !

Sent by Purolator. I wonder what it is !

It was the third delivery person to have come today. When I was sitting outside earlier I got from the regular mail some Eco Nuts and Creme Purfume. Then before she even drove away Fed-Ex pulled up with my Cordless phone ! Yay ! I waited so long for that phone (Won it March 20th) and sent an email on April 21st asking about it. It was sent that day so they must not have sent it yet ! (or the first one was lost ??)

It is a very cool phone anyway , maybe I'll write more about it once get it all figured out !
My other phone was broken and only usable on speaker phone so I was super excited to win the cordless one (with 3 handsets !)

So today was another fun day for mail. Yesterday I just got a bunch of bills !


Set Apart Living Mama said...

Oh no!! Well, at least you got your phone today (even though it took forever and a day) YAY!!! I hope you are having a great evening!!

Me and Mine in a Small Town

Clueless_Mama said...

I love good mail days like that. So much fun. My husband always stands there and says so what did you get? He is so jealous. He never gets anything but the bills. LOL