Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winners and some random babbling

I've got some more giveaways coming up for you guys soon, but won't have quite as many between now and the new year. During this time I will be finishing up my reviews for 2010 and making some changes to my blog. I need to update my winners page, and will likely switch the blog over to Wordpress once I have time. The URL will stay the same and you won't need to resubscribe or anything, but the blog might revert to or look different for a short time if you happen to come by while I am making the changes.

I know how to set my blog to redirect to the main page of my new Wordpress blog, but if anyone knows how to set it so that it will redirect to the specific post or page someone was reading I would love that information! The nice thing about staying with Blogger is that it automatically takes care of the redirecting for you, but now that I have been using Wordpress for my other blog there are certain features I wish I could have here too. I tried following a tutorial on my other blog, but was confused and left it at redirecting to the home page but I'm sure this is annoying for people who are trying to read something.

I really need to work on getting myself much more organized in the new year, many days I end up spending a lot of time staring at my screen lost in my list of things that need to be done... and then nothing gets done at all. I'm hoping to set a more specific schedule as far as when certain things are done and have started using Google Calendar to help me with it! I don't have my own computer right now, so that is limiting my time as well since my daily usage isn't guaranteed. Hoping to be able to get one in Jan or Feb.

I am also looking for Guest Posts to be added to my blog for the days where I am not able to write any of my own posts. If you would like to submit a post or topic to be considered, please email me: misfitmomma at


Costume Squad ~ Alicia@ Mommy Delicious
EZ Sox ~ Glenda Cates
Scotch Tape Gift Bag ~ Karasceviour