Friday, October 22, 2010

Yum Yum Time is... Over!

Have you ever started snacking on a bag of chips only to finish off half, or more, of the bag before you even realized it? I know I've done it. Many times. One Mom decided to do something about it and created Yum Yum dishes.
Tracy created Yum Yum Dishes™ to help kids and grown-ups manage their snacking habits in a healthy way. Instead of eliminating all your favorite treats – enjoy them in moderation, in a Yum Yum Dish™!

Tracy is a former restaurateur and mother of two. Her Yum Yum Dishes™ are a great way to teach little ones about correct portions size and help to keep snack size in check for grown-ups, too!

My first impression when I opened the package that contained the Yum Yum dish that I was sent for review was that it is tiny. What was a snack addict like me going to put in the Yum Yum dish without wanting to refill it after I devoured it's contents?

Yum Yum dishes hold 4 ounces, and it turned out there are plenty of goodies that fit in this tiny snackware. Swedish Berries are one of my favorite candies, I try to avoid buying them but sometimes it's hard to resist. Instead of gobbling up the entire bag I put a handful in the dish and had plenty more to snack on in the preceding days.

I gave the Yum Yum dish to my daughter partially filled with dry cereal and it is the perfect size for tiny hands. I also used it for dip quite a few times when I made chicken wings and pigged out on chips.

Yup. I started off asking about chips, but it turned out 4oz of chips just isn't enough for me. Cheezies yes, because more fit in the bowl; but since chips come in big, uneven shapes the bowl barely holds a handful. Maybe I just need to work on my portion control... or self control.

What else did I put in my Yum Yum dish? Here are a few more of my favorite snacks:
  • 1 sliced banana, topped with milk & brown sugar
  • Pineapple tidbits, mixed with dream whip
  • Fresh tomato cut into bite size bits, topped with vinegar & seasoning salt
  • Grated or cubed cheese
  • Orange Jello made with canned mandarin oranges
  • Red or blue Jello made with canned fruit salad
  • Cheese Nips or Party Mix

Yum Yum dishes are made of hand painted ceramic and come in a set of four designer colors: red, blue, green, yellow. You can purchase your own online for just $22

Tell me, what would you put in your Yum Yum dish?


Dawn Lopez said...

What a great idea! Those are super cute and cool!

Also love your snack ideas!

Beeb said...

Isn't it crazy/sobering how small "Real" portions are? LOL. Sounds like you've made good use of this. I'd fill my Yum Yum bowl with any of those yummy treats you mentioned!

Katie said...

I am a chip addict too! I think these would actually be good for me...I really do need to watch how much I eat something and this would be the perfect item to start that!@

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
Have a nice day!

LeAnn said...

These are great, I would like to get some of these for my family

Mom vs. the boys said...

my husband needs this,he has no clue on portion control

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if I put the French Onion Dip for my Ruffles chips in a Yum-Yum dish, I could make a deal with myself to stop eating the chips when the dip is gone....