Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: Eco-Responsible Disposable Diapers (Giveaway alert!)

My youngest has been in cloth diapers for most of her life, but as I mentioned in a previous post developed a bad rash from ammonia so I had switched to disposables for a while. In the disposables, the rash did go away but I had other complaints, mostly about how much trash I was throwing away every day.
4 000 000 disposable diapers are being sent to landfills every day in Canada. Each traditional disposable diaper can take as much as 500 years to decompose and is manufactured with non-sustainable resources. When choosing a diaper, today’s families have to consider efficiency, comfort, practicality and ecological impact. Knowing that we will change our baby from 5000 to 7000 times, it is important we make a choice that will fit our lifestyle without compromising performance.

Mama Zone eco-responsible diapers by Moltex offer a high performance, high end, eco-friendly and healthy alternative that every conscientious parent can appreciate. Starting September 1st 2010 and throughout the end of the year, Mama Zone will donate 5 % of its profit to David Suzuki foundation. By buying their eco-responsible diapers, their natural biodegradable2 baby wipes or their organic baby care products, you help support this great Canadian organization.

  • 100% Biodegradable plant-based outer layer & packaging
  • Chlorine, natural latex, fragrances, dye & PVC FREE
  • Fluff 100% from sustainable resources
  • Neutralizes diaper rash & odour naturally
  • Earth neutral absorbent gel
Mama Zone eco-responsible diapers by Moltex are soft on the most sensitive skin, biodegradable and compostable, while being super absorbent without containing harsh chemicals. Chlorine free, their absorbent core contributes to maintain a healthy skin and fights diaper rashes and odours. Their fast and long lasting absorption time, easy adjustment and unbeatable leak guard protection keeps your baby dry longer leading to less diapering and less waste.

Mama Zone eco-responsible diapers by Moltex are meant to be industrially composted. They can also contribute to produce energy when used in biogas plant. In Canada, municipal composting is becoming a reality. Quebec’s 2010-15 WASTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM plans to compost 60% of organic waste. Their goal is to reach 100% by 2020. Other waste management strategies are taking place in every Canadian province and Mama Zone is working with municipalities to add their eco-responsible diapers to the list of composted products so that every family can eventually dispose of them directly in their brown bin.

Founded in 2007 by new parents wanted to leave a greener world to future generations, Mama Zone is a Canadian family business. Their products can be found in drugstores chains like BRUNET, PROXIM and in most natural food and maternity shops. They are also available online at

I received a bag of Eco-Responsible Diapers from Mama Zone for review, and even though they aren't nearly as cute as my toddlers cloth, they did their job and will have less long term impact on the environment too.

Compared to other brands of baby diapers I have tried, these did feel thicker (when unused) but they absorbed just as much and we didn't have a single leak or blowout. I also noticed that they didn't have the horrible odor that other brands do. If you use disposables full time you might not know what odor I am talking about - it's something that I didn't notice myself when my older three were in disposables, but since my youngest was in cloth 99% of the time I sure noticed it when I used them on her!

I got the size 3, and would guess that my toddler was around 25lbs and they fit her with lots of room to grow. With the smaller size range (1-4 vs. 1-6 in some other brands) you are less likely to grow out of a size midway through the package. Canadians can order a free diaper sample in order to see if Eco-Responsible Diapers would be right for you and your baby.

From now until November 1st, Canadians can also enter Mama Zone's free diaper giveaway for a chance to win 12 packages of diapers! Thats a $265 value so be sure to get your name into the drawing!


Mami said...

I wish I would have known about these when my little one was in diapers!


Katie said...

That is great...Thanks for the heads up..I could put these in a basket I am making for my SIL who is a new mom!

Beeb said...

This is a cool idea! Can you put these in the regular trash, or do you need to live by a special recycling facility? I agree with Katie - great gift idea for expectant moms!

Unknown said...

I'd be interested to find out about how you go about recycling them too.