Thursday, September 9, 2010

This weeks winners

Was behind on drawing winners but sending emails now, here is the list!

I also wanted to find out, do you guys prefer a post like this when winners are drawn? I had started adding the winners at the top of the completed giveaways and made a Winners List but should I start doing a new post with winners names again too?

Baby Wooly ~ #234 Amy
Body Wrap ~ #195 Tanyab79

#10 Adalia
#6 Laura
#2 Baby Mama

#7 Karasceviour

#34 Torcan

#20 3lilacs
#63 D.Calvert

Wiglington and Wenks had only two winners when it was supposed to have 5. These ones were already emailed, one winner did not respond and one winner declined since she had already won the same prize. Is anyone interested in a free one month premium membership? Please post here if you would like this prize!


Amy Brown said...

I read your posts in google reader every day so I do like to see it in this format. :)

Diseños de Uñas said...

I won thank you