Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Penguins of Madagascar ~ Happy King Julien Day! {Review}

I knew that my kids liked the original Madagascar movie, but I didn't know how much they loved watching the tv series The Penguins of Madagascar! When I told them we were going to review Dreamworks newest dvd; Happy King Julien Day they were extremely happy about it and asked me everyday if it had came in the mail yet. When it did come they watched it that day, and then watched it a couple more times in the days following.

Happy King Julien Day was released on August 10th and features eight Julien filled missions in tribute to the wacky king of the jungle:

Happy King Julien Day!
Assaults and Batteries
Kingdom Come
Operation: Plush & Cover
Crown Fools
Jungle Law
The Helmet
All King, No Kingdom

We don't have cable tv, so the kids only get to watch their favorite tv shows when they are at Grandma's house. Neither my husband nor I had watched The Penguins of Madagascar before but we both really enjoyed it and laughed out loud at several different scenes. As I said, the kids loved it and have already watched it multiple times and I am sure they will be watching it again soon.

New To The Zoo which was also just released showcases eight episodes that each introduces a new character to the zoo. We didn't get to review this one, but both DVD's have an 88 minute runtime and have a suggested retail for under $14usd each so is definitely an affordable option to consider for a fun and entertaining family night.


Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

Looks like a great DVD for kids to watch!

Unknown said...

My kids love every cartoon, but when I buy it I better prepare myself for watching it 100 million times.
Right now he's stuck on Blue's Clue's, which is cool because he's learning alot from it.
p.s. I follow you back.

Katie said...

I love Penguins of Madagascar - When I read your title I thought there was an actual King Julien Day and I wanted to celebrate it!!! I love King Julien! Great Review!

SM said...


Thanks for the review !

I am your new follower. Visit me when you find time!