Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I would love to have my own Energizer Smart Charger!

How many flashlights do you have in your house? I have 3, but every time we have a power outage you can almost bet that every one of those flashlights won't turn on. Want to know why? My kids love flashlights, they take them to play with in the dark every chance they get and usually end up falling asleep - with the lights still on. Dead batteries in the morning!

Flashlights aren't the only thing that takes batteries, between remotes, wireless keyboards, and dozens of toys batteries don't last very long in my house. Thankfully my camera and a few other things are rechargeable already but I would love to have rechargeable batteries for the things that don't! Have you ever had to deal with a toddler throwing her first tantrum because her favorite toy wasn't working? Had your keyboard die in the middle of writing a blog post? The Energizer Smart Charger looks like it would be especially helpful in making my life a little easier. It charges batteries slowly to extent their life cycles and prevent damaging them. It also has a large LCD screen that displays the charging progress with a countdown and a fuel gage.

Not only that, but it can detect bad batteries so that I won't waste my time charging a battery that is no good. With the Smart Charger you can charge 2 or 4 AA batteries at a time and Energizers new rechargeable batteries last up to 4x longer, hold a charge longer and charge up to 250 more times than their previous rechargeable batteries.

I am writing this post in hopes of being one of the first 200 participants who will receive a free Energizer Smart Charger and a $15 Target Gift Card. If you would like your own Charger and Gift Card please check out the details on Thanks, Mail Carrier! The rules are not clear whether if Canadians are eligible, but I've got my fingers crossed! eta: For anyone who was wondering, Canadians ARE eligible!


Cheap and Easy said...

Best of luck!

I got an Energizer charger a few years ago, and I still use it, and the original batteries, to this day!

lisa said...

I could really use this myself. Anything that will help me save money in the long run is fine by me!

Xenia said...

I'm SO glad Canadians are allowed to enter as well and that your charger is on its way - ENJOY! :)

Alisha K said...

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