Thursday, August 26, 2010

You May Not be Cool, But Your Baby Can Be!

I really love this store! Pink and frilly is cute, but Baby Wit has so many cool baby clothes that I couldn't resist inquiring about posting a review on my blog. For this review I picked out a pink Drool Kitty shirt in size 2. The design didn't fade in the wash, and the shirt didn't shrink. The shirt is a nice soft 100% cotton and is made by American Apparel. All of the designs under their design your own pages can be printed on a t-shirt ,a dress, or even a skirt!

Drool Kitty Tee. Skirt by The Kestlyn Collection.

The shirt does seem to be on the small side for a size 2. My baby is tiny, so it does fit her perfectly but most babies are bigger than she is so I would suggest buying a size up. The shirt is super cute and looks great on her. The Drool Kitty design is innocent enough, but the black against pink gives the punk baby look that I love!

They have so many other pieces I would like to get too. One of my favorites is the Metallica toddler t-shirt so I will likely purchase that one next. With a selection from shoes to hats and so many cool designs they are sure to have something for everyone including clothing for both men and women and even diaper bags!

I really love this bag!

If you are looking for the perfect funky clothes or accessories for your family, take a look around Baby Wit, and let me know if you find something you love! The title of my post is actually the slogan that is printed on the tag of my daughters shirt and it gave me a good laugh; You May Not be Cool, But Your Baby Can Be!


Aysha said...

I wish I knew the existence of such cute diaper bags when I needed it..
The clothes are real cute too

Katie said...

WOW! So cute - LOL I may not be cool but my kid can be! Great T-Shirts!

LeAnn said...

Too cool! I am going to have to get some items for my kids.

Rebecca said...

OMG...I absolutely love these!! I have to get some of their items for my daughter for Christmas!! Thanks! :)