Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{Fathers Day Gift Ideas} ~ Random thoughts and Memories

I will be honest, over the years I really haven't made Father's Day into that big of a deal. When I am told "Happy Mother's Day!" it makes me feel good, like it really is a special day. When I have received a gift - even better! It seems like the kids even behave themselves on Mothers Day. I have always said "Happy Father's Day" to the Dad's in my life, but I don't think I have ever gone the extra mile to make it a special day. Why does Father's Day seem like it is less important? I really wish I knew, and now that I am sitting here thinking about it I am feeling quite badly! For any Dad's that may be reading this, I hope your Father's day is truly something wonderful ! 

My family isn't huge on gifts because we have been used to working with a very small budget, but I hope that over the coming years I can start buying some of the things we would both love to have. Just imagine the look on your special guy's face if he came home to a brand new surround sound system, a flat screen tv or a digital camera from! Ok, Ok.... I would probably use the camera more than he would, but it's the thought that counts - right ?? Maybe I can tell him I bought it so he can take pictures of me! There I go again. This is about Fathers Day. *deep breath*

Realistically, as much as I would love to get them for him, those things probably aren't going to make the cut this time around. My husband is living in a different province and has been telling me he misses the kids. I am seriously considering getting some camping gear so the kids and I can go stay closer to him. I'm sure he would enjoy using it himself when he gets the chance to as well. What better gift for fathers day than being able to see your kids!? If that doesn't work out, I have also been looking at some laptop computers and webcams so that we can chat online and see each other that way.

My Dad passed away, but I have many wonderful memories of him. He and his brother loved golfing, and each year he would talk about getting himself some new golf equipment and a golf cart. I would always try to talk him out of it, because as much as he talked about it - he never played unless his brother was in town. He was always happy with the gifts of home baked goodies or dinner, but now that he is gone I wish I could have given him everything he wanted - Growing up that is what he did for me, whenever he could. My Dad really was a great man who spent more time helping others than himself, and he deserved to have everything that he wanted. Cherish the time you have, it really does slip away before your eyes!

Has the perfect gift caught your attention yet? What do you plan to buy for your loved ones this Fathers Day ?

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Cascia Talbert said...

They all sound like great ideas but I always get my husband something small for Father's Day like a T Shirt or a twelve pack of beer.

Have a wonderful day!

Unknown said...

I have bought him T Shirts in the past too. Might be doing that again this year, but not sure yet. The Laptop is actually the one he has been bugging me for !

Shay said...

Thanks for letting me know about the comment box on my blog not working. I just emailed my blog designer and hopefully will be able to fix this today.

I will try to keep you updated as the day progressed.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Shay said...

Hi again!

You should be able to comment on my camera giveaway now. Click on the link on the side to access the giveaway.

Oh, and I plan on getting my hubby a tool set for Father's Day! He loves fixing things so I can never go wrong with new tools :)