Friday, May 14, 2010

How do you sort your coupons ?

I like to gather coupons. I have dreams about being one of those people that go to the store and buy a huge amount of stuff and end up with a tiny bill because the coupons and discounts covered 90% of it. I haven't made it to that point yet , but I still have a good collection of them.

Between the coupons I have requested online , the ones I pick up in the store or flyers and the ones from my local coupon chain....well I think it's time for a coupon organizer ! How do you keep your coupons organized ? Do you use envelopes , a file box , or a binder ?

I am planning to make my own coupon binder with card sheets and dividers from the dollar store , but I haven't been able to get a ride to the store while I actually have cash yet! I have the perfect binder with a zipper all around to use for it , but I may still check out the deals at Walmart to see if there is one I like better.

Any suggestions to share with me ? If you have a binder , what order do you keep the coupons in ? I want to put the free product coupons on the first page , but that is as far as I have come with my planning so far !


Laura said...

I have been doing a binder for awhile now, and while it takes a bit more time once a week when I clip and sort, it's so very worth it. I love being able to just go grocery shopping when I have time and can find everything I need.

I have mine sorted with frozen meat, frozen pizza, frozen veggie, frozen misc, meat, canned goods, sides, snacks, meals, bath, makeup, cleaning, medacine, household, Publix, kroger... ok you get my point! I use the baseball card holders from Office Max because they're a better quality than the Walmart ones for the same price. I also recommend checking out your local dollar store for a plastic sleeve type thing with a velcro cover on it to keep misc, large, etc coupons in. That's how I do mine and I LOVE it, I may get some weird looks in the store but you just get used to that.

Unknown said...

Right now , I have them in a big unorganized pile...kept inside a plastic bag. So I already get some pretty funny looks as I walk through the store almost in slow motion while I shuffle through the bag checking to see if I am walking by anything that I have a coupon for ! lol :)