Saturday, January 30, 2010

Freecycle Treasure

Ok, I guess i'm a little less upset about throwing out the jeans now.
Someone on freecycle was offering a bag of craft things so I emailed and went to get it.
I was expecting a little bag with a few things. This is a big garbage bag full of different lace, ribbons , fake flowers , fabrics , strings of "pearls", lace with attacked pearls, hot glue refill sticks...and even a sign in book for a wedding that I can decorate!

Just have to find some place to keep it all! So far I have a box filled [think, big shoe box from a mans workboot] of ribbons and lace and there is still more!

Only problem is the stuff does smell. But that is Ok with me! I found receipts in the bag dated '99 so this stuff has been stored for a while. It actually smells like my dads house did. If you have ever watched the tv show hoarders...that was what his house was like.

Maybe i'll take a picture and add it here....tomorrow :]

Bit sad that I missed out on a nice dresser from freecycle. I really need a dresser...or 3

SORRY! I love taking pictures but I am super lazy when it comes to uploading them on my computer and onto the web. The first picture shows the ribbons and lace. Does anyone know what those tiny spools of thread are for? They are cute! Second pic is some fabric hearts and some of the pearls hiding in there. Third pic is everything else and the fourth is the stuff I still hadn't sorted out of the bag yet!
Got it all sorted now, glad I hoarde empty boxes too, hehe.


Lyneen said...

WOW how fortunate for you... even if there is a smell (which will go away I am sure) HOW EXCITING to get all that stuff for free!

Sarah said...

I love freecycle! Such a good idea. Your bag of goodies sounds exciting! Thanks for visiting my owoh post and leaving such a lovely comment for William!

Unknown said...

what a score! melinda

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

I am stuck at the smell,... maybe that picture that you promised will convince me!

Unknown said...

Pictures added :]

I found a couple little things in the bottom of the bag too..hmm need another pic !

Teresa aka Tess said...

Wow!! A wonderful treasure. Don't worry about the smell, over time it will go away. I bought bags and boxes of stuff from the local Lottle Theater group and left it sit open a week and the smell is pretty much gone. I placed some of the ribbons and trims in a bag with potpouri and now it smells flowery. :) Great find, so glad you saved it from the land fills.
Walmart sells great plastic dressers. I bought one with 7 draers and had it full in no time. I love it.
Teresa aka Tess

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Wonderful stash of goodies even if a bit smelly. Sometimes I put a dryer sheet in with old things (and even let it whirl around in the dryer some) and it absorbs the smell nicely. Good luck on the dressers. Blessings, Katie

Lynda said...

Wow! What a haul! You are a lucky one. I've given a lot of stuff away through Freecycle but nothing recently. I did get a bunch of broken dishes a couple years ago but haven't yet done anything with them. Again great find!

Trudy said...

YOU ARE A WINNER! Congratulations, Missy. You have won my One World One Heart Giveaway. Please email your address to me. You can find my email on the profile of my blog.