Saturday, January 22, 2011

Years of photos... gone

Once upon a time, I had four computers up and running. Lets give them each a name to make things easy to understand.

One of them several years old and extremely slow compared to what you can buy today. This one technically still works, but it is honestly so slow that no one really wants to use it so it has been unplugged for some time. We'll call this one "Old Fart". I don't have anything else to say about this computer, I just wanted an excuse to name it "Old Fart".

The next one was around 5 years old, but since it was a gaming rig it was still pretty fast. It was mine. The case was black & red and the side was a spider web. It held all of my photos, all of my software, and was lovingly named "Spider".

The third computer was the first one that we had bought in one piece - I had no say in it and would have been against it if I had. I prefer to buy parts and put them together myself. My Husband doesn`t know the difference between one part or another and has no clue about putting them together so one day he came home with "My Toy" as he called it.

The fourth, the one I am on now, is the Husbands laptop. He is convinced that my computers crashed because I used Tweet Deck, kids games and other softwares so won't let me install anything on this one. My usage is limited, but at least I can get online.

Now, "My Toy" was the fastest while it worked but it was the first to crash a few months ago. With the motherboard, hard drive, and disc drive all being quite literally fried from a power surge it was unrepairable. It was a material loss, since the majority of my photos were stored on "Spider".

"Spider" started acting up just a few weeks after "My Toy" crashed. None of the scans I did could find any viruses or errors. I un-installed everything that wasn`t necessary. I moved all of the important files that I wanted to keep to one place so that I could get them off of the machine before the impending total crash and that was as far as I got. Before I had the chance to upload the photos online, Spider shut itself down for the last time.

I held on hope that I would be able to save the contents of the hard drive, and put off doing it for some time. Sadly, I can now say with certainty that everything is gone. I'm glad I have uploaded many of the photos to Photobucket, but there were hundreds that I hadn't uploaded yet.

All of those newborn photos that I didn't think were nice enough to share yet wanted to keep for myself. All of the birthday and Halloween videos from the last 5 years. The sexy photos that I didn't dare post online.

All gone. Sad Momma. Next time,  I'll start uploading them right away just in case. For now, a new computer along with an external hard drive or other photo storage device is first on my wishlist. Soon, I hope.


April Yedinak said...

I feel really bad for you. I had a couple computers go kaput and once I lost a few pics and videos and even a children's story I had written. Now, I pay for a service that backs up my hard drive daily and (because I am paranoid) I make copies of everything I want to keep on discs and thumb drives. Sometimes I feel bad about the money I spend doing this, but it only takes one virus or power surge and all of my stuff would disappear,too.