Sunday, October 31, 2010

{Halloween Birthday Bash} Voluptuous Vampire Costume Review

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Please note: Links in this post lead to a very tasteful, yet not suitable for children adult shop.

Not too long ago, I received a Vampire Costume for a review on my After Hours blog. Once it came in the mail I was sad to find out that it didn't fit so when I saw the Voluptuous Vampire Costume under New Arrivals at Eden Fantasy's I couldn't resist trying it out! My package arrived quickly and discreetly as usual and I ran off to tear it open within minutes.

This voluptuous vampire is the queen of the night in her stretch lace and velvet top with frog lace up detail, matching stretch skirt with lace mermaid hem and mesh cape with high collar. Vampire fangs are included. You’ll have to keep an eye on her as she’ll "want to suck your blood"!
The costume fits me comfortably, though I did wish that the top was just a little bit longer as it tries to roll it self up due to the semi-stiff material and my "Mommy belly" which I still haven't lost. There is no breast support in this top, so don't expect anything impressive if you are hoping to wear this without a bra.

I love the skirt, but the material is thin and I don't think it would stand up to wear & tear beyond it's intended use - as an occasional costume. The cape is made out of a thin mesh and just covers the shoulders and upper back, as you can see in the photo.

The included vampire teeth...well lets just say the teeth are laughable. A single piece of plastic which you fold in half and bite down on. I had several of these when I was a kid, but doubt I will ever use them as an adult. I gave the teeth to my boys.

Overall I think this is a well made, comfortable costume. Definitely higher quality than a typical costume but I still think the price tag is fairly hefty for something that doesn't feel like it will stand up to more than occasional use. I realize most people buy costumes solely to use once a year, but I was hoping to wear this more often personally. The Voluptuous Vampire costume is made by Coquette, and is hand wash only.

If you would like to buy this costume or any of the other numerous adult products available from Eden Fantasy's you can use the code "FES" to get 15% everything in your cart! (Excludes sale items)

I also published this review with a little more detail on Eden Fantasy's, if you have an account and liked my review please rate it for me!


Diane said...

I have always wanted a cute christmas morning outfit that wasn't too ... ya know..

Their Santa baby velvet dress looks like it would be ok!

Dawn Lopez said...

What a hot little number! Thanks for sharing!
-Dawn Just Married with Coupons

Show Me Mama said...

Love love it. really nice and sazzy indeed :)

Unknown said...

That is a really cool costume! It's too bad so many outfits like this aren't made for sturdier wear.

Unknown said...

That is a really cool costume! It's too bad so many outfits like this aren't made for sturdier wear.

Beeb said...

That's a cute costume!