Monday, July 19, 2010

100th Post!

Well, technically the post before this one was #100....oops! I just wanted to make a quick post to thank everyone who is following along here with me! I realize I didn't post any giveaways this weekend, but I do have some to post up real soon including one just for adults only coming up on Wednesday - which is my wedding anniversary! I didn't plan any events around my anniversary this year because my husband isn't here, so we won't really be celebrating but I did line this one giveaway up for the special date!

I hope to start posting more personal posts soon. I have a few sitting as drafts right now waiting for pictures to be added to them. Photos are my big fault, as much as I love carrying my camera around and snapping pictures when I see something I like - for some reason I put off uploading them for as long as possible most of the time. It's not like it's hard, I plug the camera into the usb, save the pictures to a file and it's done! Except that I upload them to my other computer which is older and really slow....I suppose things would be so much easier to just start uploading pictures onto this computer, but this computer, even though it is faster, newer, and better seems to be the one that has more problems and has needed to be wiped out and reformatted more. Meaning I lost the pictures that were once uploaded to this one!

I have thought about getting an external hard drive, just for my pictures. Has anyone tried one? Any suggestions?


Amy said...

Happy 100!
I keep all my pictures on shutterfly or a local photo shop site. I also use can download it free.
it's hard to keep track of the all the pictures!

Unknown said...

I do have a private photobucket album with about 800 pictures in it, but I stopped uploading stuff because it was taking so long! And yes, hard to organize/keep track of them.

SAPsMaMa said...

I have the same issue here! I take too many pictures, and with moderating comments and creating new posts, don't have time to edit and upload the pics! lol

Alacransita84 said...

I have an external hard drive and a couple of USB Sticks I save all of my photos on. Lightning got my first laptop and the hard drive was damaged on my second laptop from a drop. I now make sure I have all of my photos saved on my external hard drive or USB Sticks. To me transferring photos onto an external hard drive or USB Stick is alot easier and quicker than uploading online. I just highlight and drag photos onto the External hard drive or USB stick from my computer or camera. It is also an easy way to transfer files or photos from one computer to another.