Friday, June 25, 2010

I need summer camp advice - Quickly!!

Wish I had thought about posting this sooner, I need to hand in the papers today! I have never sent my kids to camp before, but they really wanted to go after hearing other kids talk about it. There are two camps available for the program I signed up for, one is a day camp, and one is over night. They have already decided which day camps they want to go to based on the theme - My 9 year old chose "Pirates" and my 10 year old chose "Into the Wild"

The dates available for the overnight camp conflict with the dates for the day camp, so those weeks are out and my 10 year old also has another day camp at the end of July that we signed up for.

My choices are:

June 30th - July 4th. I'm not too sure about this one - the 30th is the last day of school. Not like it would be a big deal to miss the last day, but the lazy in me is thinking -if it was me- I would want to relax and sleep in for a few days in between school ending and camp starting. The kids don't seem to care, and this is the one that they are asking for - have you had experience with sending your kids to camp the day after school is out? One plus to this one is their 3 cousins will be there as well.

The next choice is July 5th - 9th, which coincides with the Pirate day camp my 9 year old is going to. Would it be a good idea to send the boys to camp on different dates? Give them a break from each other? Or should I sign them both up for the same week and ask that they bunk together - which was what my original plan was.

July 26-30 is the next option but this is the week my 10 year old is going to the other day camp so would be the same as above, if I chose this one for my 9 year old he would be going on his own.

August 2nd-6th is the last one, which doesn't clash with any other plans that I know of..But is a month after school is out and they are anxious to go now!

Please share your thoughts! Send the boys together, or separate? Right after school or leave time between?

Guess I waited too long to post, they came to the door for the forms already and I decided on the June 30th date! I could still use some advice on sending my 5 year old to one of the day camps though! It is from 9-4ish and she has only ever gone half a day for kindergarten. She really wants to go because her brothers are going, but most of the kids will be older and she was being picked on already! (It was a once a week day camp through the school year) Plus...It's not free, and she is the one I am having a hard time with at bedtime so I don't know if she will even be awake and ready to go by 8:30/9 when the bus comes! I really don't want to pay for it and then have her miss half of it because she can't wake up.