Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to bed?

The lights are never out early at my house. The boys aren't too bad and are usually asleep by 9, but my 5 year old still gets out of bed constantly at bedtime. I have a couple reviews/giveaways to post soon on bedtime themed things, and some more coming up after that but I would also like some advice.

What have you tried at bedtime, that actually worked for a high energy 5 year old ?

Here is a break down of our regular routine:

I start off with brushing her hair and teeth, washing her hands and face and getting her into her pajamas. Then she gets to pick a book while I get the boys into bed, and looks at it a little by herself until I make it to her room. I will read the book to her, sing her a song, cover her up and leave the room.

You would think at this point all should be good, the kids are in bed, Mom can get the house tidied up and reviews written...but NO. She gets out of bed. Over and over. One reason after the other for hours and hours and sometimes until midnight or later! This is also keeping the baby up and hyper, and I'm lucky if I get her to sleep by 1 or 2am!

The two product reviews I am working on, are actually helping a lot and she isn't getting out of bed as much. But bedtime is still later that I would like it. I would love to have her in bed by 8 and asleep by 8:30.

I know I am at fault too, and guilty of serving dinner late many evenings. I find if I give them dinner at 6, they are complaining they are hungry at 8 and a snack doesn't seem to fill them. So I usually give them a snack around 5 if they ask for one, and dinner around 7.

Do you think it is my bedtime routine? The later dinner? Do you have any advice or product reccommendations ? Please share! If you are having trouble too, be on the lookout for my upcoming reviews!


mountains-to-climb said...

I'm not sure what to pinpoint it on. I'm no expert that's for sure. I used this book called The Sleep Lady. They even have a support website to help you out!