Monday, May 10, 2010

Mirrors beyond words

We all have mirrors in our home. We all have art , of some form. Most of us have probably considered adding a mirror as an artistic statement .. I know I have , but how would you like to add something as beautiful as these ?

Mirrors reflect light and decorative mirrors can enhance any room. They have a unique ability to make a room seem larger and more intimate. Antique Venetian Mirrors are sought after by collectors around the globe. They are works of art and make a stunning accent piece that can fit in beautifully in anyone's home.

Mirrors aren't just for your walls!

You can choose from cosmetic trays, magazine holders, jewelery boxes, beautiful pieces of Venetian design furniture and more! Each mirror is hand-etched, hand-cut, hand-beveled, hand-polished and hand-assembled.

Leonardo DaVinci called the mirror the “master of painters”. His reference was to the mirrors ability to capture an image that is at once exact and in another sense magical. Today, mirrors are part of our everyday lives, but beautiful mirrors created by artists can be some of the most elegant and interesting display pieces one can own.

Venetian Mirrors Boutique is a small family business and everything you see on their site is carefully handpicked by them , in stock and ready to ship. Most products ship within 2 business days and the shipping is free within the USA and Canada !

This was a sponsored post written on behalf of Venetian Mirrors Boutique

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Danyale N. said...

I love that first one the most, I love glass it s so beautiful sadly where I live right now has limited wall space so will have to keep this company in mind and buy from later thanks