Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Major problems with HOTMAIL

For the past week or so hotmail has been slow , with errors once in a while. But yesterday and today it is completely unusable !

If I'm lucky I can get the page to refresh to see what new mail has come in , but any click after that gets error after error. When I finally do get inside a message that I want to reply to - want to take a guess what happens ?? ERROR ! And then it defaults back to the inbox.

It's driving me crazy ! I hope they fix it soon !


julietk said...

:-{ I hope it gets fixed soon for you.

BabyMommaBlog said...

Ugh....Hope it's fixed by now :/ I used hotmail but switched to gmail a couple months ago. LOVE it! You can use documents, calendar and chat! So coo!!!

Unknown said...

It is fixed now. I did make a gmail account. It's very cool ! Only thing Is I don't want to resubscribe to all the things my hotmail account is subscribed to , so now I am having to use both , lol