Monday, April 12, 2010

Care to help me shop ?

One of the very first giveaways I entered back in January was for a $50 gift card from a Canadian store called Agoo. When I didn't win that one , I entered another , and another and....well I finally won one from !
{Please do check out her blog , especially if you are American , she posts giveaways almost daily and has several up now available to US only worth over $100}

I originally had my heart set on this Attitude Jacket for my 5 year old , but they are sold out of the size I would need for her so I'm trying to pick something else.
I'm happy that I won , but the shopping is frustrating for me !
Canadian shipping is $8 , but if you spend over $50 it is FREE! So I either want to spend just over $50 so I can get the free shipping , or $42 so the shipping can be covered by my Gift Card.

I would like to get these leg huggers for T, they are $10
So that leaves $40 left on the GC
Maybe I should get these for T ?

Or these for K ?

I'm leaning towards the Leg huggers and the skirt/leggings "Tushie Hugger" but I wonder if it is big enough to fit over cloth diapers ?

Maybe I should just get these black fleece pants
and hope they can double as longies

Do you sense my frustration yet ?
What would you buy ?


Emily's Family said...

I love the skirt/leggies. Oh so adorable.