Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One World One Heart

This is something I had never heard of before.

I am wanting to learn how to knit so I can make Longies for my baby and decided to search around for some Handspun wool , which led me to this lovely blog

From there I found One World One Heart and have been loving all the blogs. I hope I have time to see them all !

Seeing all the awesome dolls has made me remember my love for my own dolls , I think it is time for them to come out. I have been so busy with my real baby for the past year , some of them have not even been moved from where they sit.

I have also discovered Altered Books , and other paper art and hoping to try making my own. I don't know how I could not have heard of altered books before being that I look around at a few scrap book sites .... I have made simple collages in notebooks , but nothing like the altered books and art I saw today.

I have been through the first 40 blogs today , plus a few random ones that I clicked on lower down in the list and I think I better get to bed or I won't be waking up to get the kids to school tomorrow !

Looking forward to riding the magic carpet around the world some more tomorrow ♥


KnutzEls said...

Thank you for visiting my blog

You will find your way on the internet, as I did. And you will meet lots and lots of nice people. Kind regards,

Flora said...

I hope you post your progress of self discovery, it's always fun to challenge ourselves in creating, in whatever medium we chose to use, the thing is to HAVE FUN!!!

Maggie R said...

Hi Missy,
Nice to meet a fellow Canadian..I Hope you are keeping warm as I see Winnipeg has had some nasty weather.
I use to live in Winnipeg many years ago..I Live near Toronto now.
We are retired now but my hubby was in the Airforce and we had 3 postings to Winnipeg. Lived on Ness Ave and worked in Polo Park!!
Small world.
You have your hands full with 4 children. I have 2 girls and 2 boys as well, and now 5 grandchildren so I am way ahead of you!! HA!
Please pop over to my blog to enter for my prize in the One World One Heart Game.
Hope you enjoy blogging. I have met so many wonderful people this way....Keep in touch....
Toodles for now

Dawn said...

Hi Missy

Thanks for stopping by and great to meet you, great ancestry you have!
you would love Scotland, the Highlands especially are so beautiful.

So sorry to hear about your dad, it's never easy losing a loved one

rochambeau said...

Thank you for dropping by Missy!
Have a creative weekend~

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway. Your name is in the hat.

Deborah said...

Glad you found the OWOH Magic Carpet Ride. I have found a lot of very creative people that are new to me and am not even half way through the list yet. Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying Hello.

Lyneen said...

What a wonderful magic carpet ride OHWOH has turned out to be. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. GOOD LUCK
OWOH. I am #177

Jo said...

Thank you for stopping by my OWOH blog. So pleased you are enjoying your own magic carpet ride. This is my first time and its wonderful meeting so many different creative people.
I've popped your name in the 'hat' and do stop by again soon.
Hugs xx

Antonella said...

Thanks for stopping by carpet #234 on the magic carpet and entering my OWOH giveaway. Best of Luck!
Hugs, antonella :-)

Eva said...

OWOH is extremely fun but very addictive--you really have to balance blog-hopping with knowing when to stop or you can spend a whole day wandering about and get nothing else done.

With that said, thanks so much for making it to my blog :D

Lady Artisan

Youngish said...

Hi Missy, thanks for stopping by!

Patricia said...

I would love to enter your give-away, please include me. Thanks ever so much for your visit to my blog and taking the time to leave a lovely comment. Have a great rest of the week.

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Hi Missy! Just a note to let you know I have entered you in the OWOH International blog celebration. You must have hit me on your random visit (not the first 40:)) as my blog was #431. I am not far from you...I'm in Brandon, formerly from Winnipeg. I laughed when I saw Wpg on your post, first Manitoban to stop by..a number of Canadians tho. I joined your followers list and invite you to join me on my followers list as well. I look forward to checking in here when I can and look forward to seeing you as well. Hugs, Gayle (in Brandon)

Unknown said...

Thanks Gayle , I followed you back !

I'm past 40 now..I was working on them very slowly then I realized there are only 2 days left ! Got up to 500 today , hoping to see them all before it is over !

artbeckons said...

thanks for stopping by my blog today =)