Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide Review - Quagmire ColorFusion for Kids

My kids have color changing cups in the kitchen and color changing toys in their toybox. Until now, I had never heard of color changing clothing - have you?
Starting Monday, November 29, Quagmire’s broad range of polos and t-shirts for men, women and kids featuring its unique ColorFusion technology is available online at

Designed to blow your mind, these crazy, state-of-the-art polos and t-shirts have fabrics and screen prints that change color in the heat or sunlight, depending on the style. Technically speaking, ColorFusion shirts will begin changing at 20° Celsius (that’s 68° Fahrenheit for Quagmire’s friends in the USA), and the screen prints that transform from UV rays will work best on bright sunny days. Unlike Hypercolor from the early 90’s, ColorFusion shirts are built to last – wash and dry them just as you would any of your clothes.

Sizes 4T to 14

I received a ColorFusion Polo from Quagmire Kids in purple and when I rub my hands or breath hot air on it, it turns pink - very cool!

I originally thought it would be fun to see the reaction of my daughters shirt changing color as she goes in and out during recess at school, but since the fabric needs to be in temperatures above 20° Celsius we will need to wait until she can wear it out without being bundled up. I'm not sure yet what type of pattern would be produced during wear, but it will be interesting to find out when summer rolls around.

You can purchase Quagmires ColorFusion for Kids online and from select retailers across Canada (With a few in the USA as well). It looks like these will be available in adult sizes come the new year too, definitely something that has been added to my wishlist!

If you would like to watch a neat video, simply click to see ColorFusion in Action