Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Forgotten Gifts

It seems like it happens to me every year. I hide gifts in random places around the house and after the Holiday has passed, I find gifts that I forgot to put under the tree! So far I have found some Crayola markers/crayons/pencil crayons and the big item - the Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug (mouse)! I don't know how I forgot about the Wheely Bug, it was supposed to be my toddlers big gift!

I also have some other toys that were going to be for my toddler but I purposely forgot to put them under the tree so that she wouldn't have a huge pile of stuff when the others only got a few things.

Have you ever done this? Do  you save the forgotten gifts for the next occasion or do you give them to the kids right away?


Babes Mami said...

No forgotten gifts here but if I did have them I think I would save them!

KristinMarieCA said...

Yep, I've done that! If they're toys, I don't save them for the next year (esp. with young kids whose interests and abilities change so rapidly.) Instead, I save them for a rainy day later on in the winter, and pull them out when my daughter gets bored or needs to be distracted. :) Hope you had a great Christmas!

Amy Brown said...

I forgot a bag of wrapped presents in the closet this Christmas, but I noticed as she was opening the others (I remembered something she hadn't opened yet) so I brought it out. Thankfully she's too young to notice this year!