Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting organized with CSN Stores {Review}

When deciding on what to review from CSN stores I had thought about getting a second piece to the Disney Fairies Set, but since space is limited and my own stuff is in desperate need for organizing I decided to go with something for myself.

I chose the Iris 6 drawer cart which is not a new product to me. I actually have seen and used them in the past so I already knew how handy these were to have. This one has 6 drawers and is the perfect size to organize your papers or or other small items. I also have one of the Iris 4 drawer carts which is perfect for the kids crafting items.

It arrives in the mail nearly fully assembled - you only need to attach the wheels by sticking them into a hole at the bottom which literally takes about a minute. Each drawer has a plastic piece that stops it from coming completely out, and the top is molded for even more organization. The drawers are about 3" deep, 13" long, and 10" across. The entire unit is about 26" tall, 12" wide and 13.5" deep.

Being plastic, it can break which is one downside to ordering online rather than buying locally. It looks like it might have been dropped somewhere along the line, and it did come with a crack in one corner, and another corner which is loose. (As in, it seems like the 3 corners are either glued or snapped into place where as one corner is not). It's only a problem if I want to try and pick the entire unit up and carry it around, but since it does have wheels I won't be picking it up all too often.

Now, this is where CSN Stores left me beyond impressed. I sent in a damaged item ticket with my photos and within an hour I got an email notification that they were sending a replacement. I quickly sent them an email back that I did not need a replacement and that I no longer had the packaging in order to return this one, and I got my response within minutes letting me know that I didn't have to send it back since it was damaged. I also mentioned the faulty bolt that I talked about in my previous review, and they ordered a replacement bolt for me too.

My experience with returning items is minimal, but I think it is safe to say that this is the best customer service I have ever received from an online store! I have received damaged or not as expected items in the mail in the past, and have had companies who either didn't bother to respond at all as well as companies who basically told me that since I didn't buy insurance that it was my problem. CSN Stores has gone above and beyond my expectations when it comes to online shopping and I just can't stress enough how highly I recommend them.

As a Canadian, I was originally put off my the international fees that they added to our orders but now that I have fully experienced their level of customer care I don't mind paying a little more for the convenience of quick shipping to my door. If you need some help organizing in your home, I would highly recommend these storage units. They come in several different sizes at very reasonable prices, and you can't go wrong with customer service like that! Even if you don't need to organize, with CSN Store's massive inventory and over 200 stores I can guarantee you will find something that catches your eye.


Aysha said...

Wow! its a relief to note that there are such great online stores around with excellent customer service and ..someone you can trust

lisa said...

I would love to have this next to my desk. I can attest CSN is fantastic to deal with!

Things Sent My Way said...

You can't get great customer service like that anymore. That's another reason why CSN is at the top of my list. Love it and so glad you shared such a great experience. Luckily I've never run into trouble, but I feel better knowing that if I do, I'm in good hands.

Diane said...

A while back I had read how a lot of bloggers didn't like working with CSN but I am always hearing how great their customer service is. I am working with them now and they respond to my emails super fast! I think I will be doing a lot of my christmas shopping at the CSN stores!