Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clippo what? Clippopotamus!

I have already mentioned it a few times on my blog, but my youngest is just a small little thing for her age.

It isn't so bad when she has a big cloth diaper on because they bulk up her bottom enough that her pants will stay up, but since I have been using disposables recently I have been having some problems.

This is only a size 2! {LuvaBum Boutique}

I've got a couple different belts that she can wear, but the majority of her pants don't have belt loops so I needed a solution that would work and now I've found it.
Clippopotamus, or just “Clippo” to our friends, is an all-Canadian kids’ accessories company owned by Alexandria Durrell. A supermom to two delightful wee peeps by day (and night, who are we kidding?) and a dedicated crafty sort, she started the popular Clippo line with hair clips for her then-one-year-old daughter Story in 2007. When the hair clip market became saturated she expanded the line by listening to the everyday frustrations of parents and creating products to make things easier on them.

Clippo is a business, that much is true. But unlike many others, our primary goal is to have fun and support our Canadian community. We're proud of what we do, we’re avid supporters of other small businesses and are always concerned about our customers’ and friends’ interests. It's important to us that Clippo products remain 100% hand-made in Canada: we will never outsource, we'll never compromise your child's safety, and we'll always stand behind our products 100%.

I received the
Pant Clippo to review, which is really a very simple thing. It's a ribbon {All ribbons have now been replaced with designer fabrics!}, with two strong clips on either end that can be clipped onto any pair of pants. Since you don't need belt loops to use the Pant Clippo, it can be used on skirts and shorts too! It's the perfect, inexpensive addition for any skinny kids wardrobe and is available in several different designs so that you can find one to match.

Clippopotamus also sells clips for soothers, bibs, and mittens as well as an "everything clippo" which can be used for anything you want to keep from falling to the ground. They of course also sell hair accessories and even Bow Ties for your little man.

You can follow Clippo on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the newest information on sales and giveaways!


Katie said...

What a great idea. A while ago shirts were made with those things and I used them for other things - who knew it could be used for that? Excellent idea! Thanks for the review!

Mom vs. the boys said...

my kids are small in the waist too, this could work for us