Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little Looster ~ Booster for Your Loo!

I guess you can say I am one of those Mom's who never understood the appeal of a separate potty for my toddler. I was able to teach my older 3 children without buying a potty and am determined to do it with this one too. The biggest problem so far is her size. She is much smaller than my other children were at this age and she is not able to climb on or off of the toilet on her own and she gets afraid! I saw a few other reviews on the Little Looster and was sure it would help her out with our potty training adventures.

For all the years when those little legs don’t reach the floor. The Little Looster, a booster for the Loo™ is about to change the way we potty train. The perfect potty stool.

This U shaped stool wraps around the base of the toilet so that your child will have a place to put their feet no matter how they like to sit. While it does take up some space and won't go unnoticed, it still does not completely get in the way. Adults and older children can still use the toilet without having to move the stool, and as a bonus one of my cats likes sleeping underneath it too! One problem I have encountered is that the stool does not fit properly in my bathroom unless I move my laundry hamper away from it's place beside the toilet. You need to make sure to have 7 inches of space available on either side of the toilet in order for it to fit. I have plans to move, hopefully before my toddler is ready to fully potty train, but if not I suppose I can find a new place to keep my hamper.

The Little Looster does cost $40 to buy, but if you have unsuccessfully tried to use other stools to help your toddler potty train it is an investment that is worth considering which can give your toddler the stability they need and last for years to come. It can also be used in front of a pedistal sink to help your child wash their hands, and kept out of the way under the sink. My moms bathroom cabinet happens to be elevated just enough that the Looster fits perfectly underneath it as well so until I do move I decided to leave it with her so the kids can use it when they are visiting. You can buy your own directly from their website or from MyPreciousKid.com.


SM said...

Hi !

I am your new follower! I have been looking for a stool like this, thanks for sharing this!

BrettBMartin said...

what a great product for parents who have little babies to deal with while PT'ing a bigger one!!! and so great for them to be independent!!

Katie said...

Totally agree with QueenB - For sure this will give kids the confidence that they can do it themselves!!!

Mom vs. the boys said...

with a one, two and tiny four year old, I could get a lot of use out of this. The price tag is a little high, but it looks like a great product