Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Pain

Here is a confession for you: I am afraid of going to the dentist.

I had a couple more giveaways partially written that I wanted to post today but I am sitting here having a hard time concentrating because my tooth is throbbing. More like alternating from a dull pain to a sudden blinding throb, but in short it hurts. I went to the dentist over the summer and he lectured me on my teeth and told me that two certain ones needed work as soon as possible or else I may need a root canal. Then at my next appointment he said he would fix the minor cavities first since it would be faster. After he was done I asked when I should come back for the big ones and he tells me my limited coverage was all used up on the appointments I already had and that I won't be covered for anything other than an emergency until next year.

I don't understand why he would choose to use up all my coverage without fixing the teeth that needed immediate attention! A few weeks after that last appointment, another piece broke off one of the bad teeth and has been giving me problems ever since. Most days it's manageable and I can get it to stop hurting by brushing and taking ibuprofen, but it isn't giving me much relief today. Actually, I take that back. It isn't too bad right now, the extra ibuprofen must have kicked in!

On to other it is, nearly 2am and if you were to assume that my kids were soundly sleeping and prepared for school in the morning - you would be assuming wrong. My daughter is still awake playing with toys thinking I can't hear her and then banging loudly on the wall because she doesn't want to go to sleep. My son is banging on the wall in return, likely thinking that I will blame his sister for it but little does he know I can tell the difference in which wall the sound is coming from. She is now in the bathroom, for the third time since she was sent to bed at 9 and he is sitting outside the door waiting because miraculously he has to go at the same time as she does.

They are going to be tired at school tomorrow thats for sure! My oldest is the only one that is good about bedtime, he set his alarm and went to sleep shortly after I told him to. He always was the easiest at bedtime, even as a baby. Why can't they all be like that? Even my toddler is sleeping, which means if I lay with her she will most likely stay asleep for the night so this is my chance to work on fixing her sleep schedule. If she wakes up while I am still up she will treat it like a midnight nap and refuse to go back to sleep until morning!


Kestlyn said...

Oh no, what a rotten night before school :(
Being one who has experienced a ton of dental work over the years, I feel your pain. I can't believe that the dentist used up your covereage on the "cheap" repairs. Is there any kind of cheap/free dental clinic around that could help with the serious problem teeth? I wish you a wonderful nights sleep...or maybe a nap if that's possible *hugs*