Friday, September 17, 2010

{Cool for School} Too Old for This, Too Young for That!

The third book that I received for review from Free Spirit Publishing is one specifically for those in the tween years of both genders and covers many of the issues that our children will face as they grow.

Your Survival Guide for the Middle School Years
by Harriet S. Mosatche, Ph.D., Karen Unger, M.A.

The transition to middle school can be difficult. Most tweens are excited about getting older, but they’re often not prepared for some of the challenges that come with growing up. Physical and emotional changes, evolving relationships, and increased expectations at school can all make for some major adjustments.
Too Old for This, Too Young for That! is a friendly, reassuring guide to help tweens successfully navigate the often-turbulent middle school years. This update of a Free Spirit classic lets readers know they’re not alone and gives them practical tips, tools, and resources for all kinds of situations, including:
  • settling in and getting the most out of school
  • getting along with friends, teachers, and family adults
  • dealing with physical and emotional changes
  • making decisions
  • handling peer pressure
  • setting and reaching goals
  • preparing for the years ahead
Life during the middle school and adolescent development years can seem like one long roller coaster ride—with ups and downs, twists and turns, and sudden starts and stops. Too Old for This, Too Young for That! is a friendly and fun manual for surviving middle school that can help tweens enjoy the ride.
My Review: I think this is a good book for going through with your tween, but my son had trouble getting into reading it on his own. There is still a lot of information here that he was ready to know, and he did keep interest with me reading and discussing it with him. My favorite chapter, or Survival Tip as the book calls them, was on connecting with family which includes 7 Ways to Get Along With Family Members, rules, chores, and even video games. There are seven Survival Tips in total each one either with Tips or Try It activity suggestions and many examples which let kids know they aren't the only one that feels the way they do. Overall a great book for anyone with a child coming into or going through the tween years.


Katie said...

Definitely another book I will be looking into - Thanks for the thoughtful review!

Unknown said...

My 11 year old would benefit from this one...she is very social and even pretty bold about most things but the whole body changing and friend things...argghhh...maybe every kiddo going through this age needs to read this! She does LOVE to read but has never read a book like this before. THANKS for reviewing it and giving us a heads up!