Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{Cool for School} Dealing with Bullies

My boys have quite the opposite personalities, my 10 year old being rather sensitive and kind, and my 9 year old being something of a bully. There are even days where they seem to switch roles so when I was given the chance to review a few books from Free Spirit Publishing I decided to choose a couple of books that would relate to both of these behaviors. I have a couple more that I will review in a separate post, but since these were on the same subject I decided to group them together. I would highly recommend both of these books if your child is having trouble dealing with, or being a bully.

by Pamela Espeland and Elizabeth Verdick
Help kids make smarter choices at home and at school with this kid-friendly book that takes a positive approach to behavior issues. Better behavior isn’t just about making adults happy. When kids make better behavior choices, they stay out of trouble, feel good about themselves, and get along better with family, friends, and teachers. That leads to self-control, awareness, and a positive outlook, so things go better for kids.
Lighthearted yet supportive and frank, with full-color cartoons and humorous text, this book helps readers learn to make thoughtful, deliberate, positive behavior decisions. That means fewer behavior problems and more freedom—and fun.

Behavior issues addressed include small ones, like talking or blurting out in class, as well as more challenging behaviors such as fighting or disobeying parents.

Part of the best-selling, award-winning Laugh & Learn™ series (over 585,000 combined books in print)
The focus on benefits of better behavior choices helps kids feel motivated rather than lectured
Full-color book makes reading engaging
Kid-centric, humorous pocket guide for young people
My review: This one was their favorite of the two with it's brightly colored cartoons and silly humor and carries advice that could even be useful to us parents for those times that we lose our temper. Kids are given 5 great goals for better behavior along with 5 simple steps toward meeting these goals. Easy for kids to read, and funny enough to keep their attention this book is excellent for anyone with a child feeling a little out of control. I see there are 10 other books in this series, which is called Laugh & Learn and I would love to get the rest of them!

Every Kids Guide to Personal Power and Positive Self-Esteem
by Gershen Kaufman, Ph.D., Lev Raphael, Ph.D., and Pamela Espeland

First published in 1990, this perennial best-seller has helped countless children build self-esteem and assertiveness skills.
Newly revised and updated, it’s the ultimate resource for any kid who’s ever been picked on at school, bossed around, blamed for things he or she didn’t do, or treated unfairly—and for any kid who sometimes feels frustrated, angry, powerless, or scared. Simple words and real-life examples show how children can stick up for themselves with other kids (including bullies and teasers), big sisters and brothers, even grown-ups.

Kids learn how to build relationships, become responsible, manage their anger, grow a “feelings vocabulary,” make good choices, solve problems, set goals, and “store” happiness and pride. Questions from real kids are paired with answers about how to handle specific situations calmly, confidently, and effectively. A special note to parents and teachers explores the “self-esteem backlash” and explains what self-esteem really is—and why kids today need it more than ever.

A wealth of practical, encouraging, realistic advice, this empowering little book is also recommended for parents, teachers, and counselors.
My Review: Geared towards the child who is being bullied, this was another excellent book for all ages. Kids will learn what is means to stick up for themselves, why it's important and what they need to do it - personal power and positive self-esteem. With advice on how to deal with strong feelings and tips to overcome shyness along with quizzes and To-Do lists, this is a book that really covers a lot all while keeping it simple and easy to follow. I was able to relate to so many of the included examples and see areas where I have made mistakes myself. I hope that my boys and I can work together with this, and the above book, to solve our bullying issues for good!


Katie said...

I love the sound of the second book. My son is 11, just entered middle school, but unfortunately last year was bullied all year was a bad year for the both of us. I think this book would come in handy for us FOR SURE!

Unknown said...

Its funny you should mention such differences in personalities with your kids. I have a teen who is timid and would let ANYONE bulldoze her, a younget daughter who usually doesnt get too riled up and is pretty bold, and a son somewhere in the middle (plus older kids with various personalities). I sure wish I had had the Stick up for Yourself book for my teen daughter. She was pretty much "eaten up and spit out" in middle school and now struggling through high school. Wonder why the schools dont encourage parents & kids to read these if the one has been out since 1990?
thanks for the information. I will ask my daughter if they have this in their school Library.