Thursday, August 12, 2010

I caved, and came home with paper diapers

They are ugly, they stink, and they are filling up the garbage bags but I had to do it. Her cloth diapers were burning her, so until I figure out something to get the ammonia out of them they are being put aside. She doesn't seem to notice the difference, but the rash is disappearing.

She is such a tiny little girl, without the big diaper bum none of her pants fit properly. They fall down! Hopefully she will be back in her cloth soon. So many people have tried to help me with advice, and Kim from Rockin' Green even sent me some free samples to use. My diapers smell nice coming out of the wash, but as soon as she wets them they stink again. Overnights were leaving blisters!

I bought a box of store brand diapers. It was only $20 and they work ok. Like I said they do stink, you never really notice this when you have never used cloth but even my mom noticed it. Most importantly her rash is healing, and that beats a cute bum any day! Hopefully I will have her diapers cleaned up before the box is done so that I don't have to buy any more.


Unknown said...

Awww! Poor girl!
I cloth diapered my three. Have you tried stripping your diapers? Sometimes that rash can happen when urine reacts with detergent residue in the diaper.

Feel free to tell me to STFU if you have tried this already.

I had to stop CDing my youngest because he kept getting recurring yeast infections, and I could not get the yeast out of my diapers. He cleared up as soon as I stuffed his bum in plastic.

Good luck!

Babes Mami said...

You poor girl! But if they are helping clear it up that's a yay! I am currently battling a bad diaper rash on mine. Boudreaux butt paste is great for it (I'm sure your already using something but just a suggestion). We use Luvs, they are only about $16 a case, I really like Pampers because they don't smell at all. I know you don't plan on having to use them long but in case you end up having too!

SAPsMaMa said...

I will be writing soon a post about something similar.

We had a rash that was open sores and would not heal. Docs had no idea what it was and kept prescribing horrible ointments for it and it would heal, then come back right away. No matter what we did.

After this happening for MONTHS, I caved and went to disposibles for almost 2 weeks.

Here's what we did and it worked! Turn up your hot water heater, make sure it is hot enough to kill everything in your cloth diapers and steralize them for normal diaper wash. Boil all your cloth diaper inserts. It takes a long time but it's worth it, you'll be surprised all the grime etc. that comes out it's gross! I use rockin' green soaks yet boiling does alot better job of killing all bacteria in them. Then, bleach covers/fitteds, anything with elastic that shouldn't be boiled, I use SEventh Genertation Chlorine free bleach. This is the only time I"ve ever used bleach on a cloth diaper but it needed to be done, after months of this rash I needed to kill everythign in the cloth diapers. Then, California baby calendula cream. Use it every diaper change, especially at night. It works wonders, and is cloth diaper safe! It's expensive but will help with the rash and then you can go back to something cheaper when it's gone. For night time (we got ammonia burns too) use DryBees Night time fleece diapers! Their specially milled suede fabric will keep your baby's bum dry and away from their pee and will stop any ammonia burns. WE only have two of these and wash diapers every 3 days so still use Dream Eze fitteds, and then the ammonia burns come back on those night so we need more of these diapers. Keep baby in disposibles until rash is healed so the bacteria from the rash does not go back into the cloth diaper. Also, use disposible wipes (Tushies or Seventh Generation are two favs of mine!) or make you own disposible wipes with your fav wipe solution and paper towels (what we went to when we realized how expensive disposibles were!) Also, Seventh Gen diapers or Huggies Naturals are at least a bit better for baby then regular disposibles, but definatly more pricey. But for only 2 weeks we thought it was worth it. Wait until baby's rash is completely healed before being put back in disposibles. Continue using California baby for a week or so to make sure rash is completely gone.

I hope this helps! I was battling it for over 3 months and did NOT want to use disposibles but with open infected sores on her butt, she was in pain and I couldn't do that to her, so I swallowed my pride and used disposibles. But we're back in full time cloth and I hope you can too! Hope I helped!