Monday, August 16, 2010

First time for everything..

Who doesn't love eating delicious Barbequed food in the summer? Would you believe that I have never cooked on the BBQ before? To me, "manning" the BBQ is well, a mans job. My buddy stayed with us last summer and brought his BBQ along with his mad grilling skills. He would light it up and get the food ready, making it look so easy. As a housewife it was nice to have someone else make dinner for once!

Well, he had to leave - but he left the BBQ behind. My Mom has been bugging me to cut the lock thats holding it to the fence so that she can have the BBQ. She just moved to an apartment, why should I give it to her - I want yummy BBQ in my own yard! I've been trying to get my husband to get out there and cook something but he says he "Doesn't like to BBQ" Yea, sure. More like he doesn't like to do anything.

Last Thursday I decided to do it myself. How hard could it be? I got the box of burgers, counted the cheese slices and went at it. Yes, I have reached a whole new level of....well not quite.

Is that fire supposed to be there? Why won't the ones in the back cook...they just thawed and then proceeded to melt into the grill. Falling between the cracks like jello. Oh man this is fun!

Take note of the least no one can tell me they aren't cooked!Maybe they won't notice with cheese covering it up? I swear I counted the right number of cheese slices. The baby ate one. Really.

And who got to eat this tasty morsel?

The dog, of course!

Add some condiments - Where's the onions!? They went into the Spaghetti...I guess just about perfect is good enough for a first timer, they did taste good!


lisa said...

There is just something about BBQ and summertime. I love to barbecue corn on the cop and fresh vegetables.
That is one adorable pup!

Aleksandra Nearing said...

I have BBQ'd before on a normal grill but I let the hubby handle ours - it's this giant commercial unit that I don't even know how to light. And I don't want to know :)

Deb K said...

I love your Blog :-)

I am now following you from Mommy Approved~You can find me here~