Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Plans for the summer?

Summer is here at last! My boys are waiting for their bus for their first time at summer camp, I hope they have tons of fun, and that I get tons of cleaning done! My daughter is at school for about another hour but then thats it till September!

It seems like every summer I set a few goals that I would like to do, and never get it done. I have been wanting to take the kids to the water slide park because I loved it when I was a kid...but it is expensive and I haven't been able to afford it yet. Maybe this will be the year? I hope so. I bought a fairly big inflatable pool last summer, and after we only had it for about a month someone stole it out of the back yard! For the time we did have it, the kids prefered to go to the neighborhood wading pool anyway so I'm not sure if I will worry about getting another one yet. It would be nice though, especially for my 5 year old and being able to sit in my own yard with my feet in the water is always nicer than having to go to the park!

The big fair, the Red River Ex just ended, but I didn't even tell the kids about it. They love going but that too is just so expensive that it is hard to plan it in with school and everything else going on in June. I wish that it could be in July instead! My Dad used to take me every single year, and I always thought that I would do the same for my kids but every year the price goes up! Between the admission, the ride tickets, and the food you know they are going to beg for - it really adds up fast.

We have already had several 30° days so I am thankful our house has central air. When I have lived without AC before it is tough to do anything other than sit around and sweat. I will go without a dishwasher or my own laundry machines, but I will never again live in a house without AC!

My Aunt owns a cabin, and we usually go out for the day at least once. I would love to spend a week there but with 4 kids there usually isn't room because my Aunt, or my cousin and her children stay there for the majority of the summer. My mom did give me her big tent though, hoping I can take the kids to see their Dad in August and sleep in the tent. Have to get my license before I can do that though! Can you imagine taking the bus, with a tent and enough stuff for a week or more for 4 kids? Yikes.

So what are your plans for the summer?


Babes Mami said...

We are hoping to at least make it to the beach this summer!

Unknown said...

I love the beach!