Thursday, February 11, 2010

What do you think ?

I have so many different interests.... Dolls...bears - do those fall into the same category ?
Vintage , mixed media and altered art , Gothic art , Parenting , Gardening , cooking [sometimes] and it goes on...

Should I make a seperate blog for each of these? Or should I keep it all mish mashed into one ?

Comments appreciated ! Thanks !


Liz-Anna said...

I know what you mean about multiple interests! I think there is a lot of overlap within an artistic lifestyle and it would get confusing for you to try to separate them into different blogs. But for followers of a specific art form it might be better if youhad separate blogs. Not a very helpful answer because I'm struggling with the question myself.

Wow And Then said...

I know that I enjoy both on one blog, real life and the creative life. Interjecting a challenge or question, or experience for the day, is where you are at. But I know I love pictures also of whatever, creations, family, beautufil sunsets . They help me get a sense as to who you are. I am sure as you keep going you will figure out what works best.