Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy Busy Week , and a few found giveaways

This week my boys had a dentist appointment on Monday , and my Daughter had hers on Thursday.

My daughters was different , she had to be put to sleep because she needed a lot of work. So my mom and I got to spend 7 hours at the hospital while she had the surgery. Surprisingly baby was calm all day. She had some time to play in the waiting rooms - 3 different waiting rooms ! First there was the admitting room , then the pre-op room , then the post-op room !

My daughter did really well. She needed 7 caps , 4 fillings and 4 teeth were pulled. They didn't tell me until after it was already done that they were pulling her front 2 teeth ! So now she has no front teeth , since she lost the bottom 2 naturally a few weeks ago.

I have my own dentist appointment on Monday. Mine is just a checkup , but I know I will have to go back and probably have teeth pulled. I had 4 pulled a few years ago and not looking forward to it ! But my teeth have been hurting quite a bit lately , almost everynight after I lay down. I don't know why they only hurt when I lay down and not while I am up ?!

I also started taking pictures so I could do an "In my Mailbox" post and wouldn't you know it...after taking the first couple pictures my camera battery died ! Then by the time it was charged , baby was awake and the boys came home from Grandmas and now , the table is a mess again. Maybe I can finish it up tomorrow ! I have gotten lots of great things in the mail in the last month or so that I want to share !

For now , here are some awesome giveaways I found today...

Any item of your choice from Small Sprouts who make these beautiful car seat covers. Will be moving my baby to a big carseat soon , this would look so nice in my van ! They also make stroller covers , high chair and shopping cart covers and kids clothes! This one ends March 12th.

Yaya Chique is having a huge Vintage giveaway..Would love to win these too
! This one is ending Tonight [Sunday] so go enter right now !

And you can win all of these goodies made by Mamma4Earth from Garden Mama ! Hurry and enter because it ends March 2nd !

Also , these gorgeous earrings from Helix Elemental which will end on March 7th!